Restorative dentistry

We used to visit the dentistry first of all because we would like to preserve our healthy teeth in the long run. Nowadays the wide range of oral hygienic products helps the people in this. A large variety of toothbrushes and toothpastes are available already from the childhood, and later on we can enhance the care of our teeth with mouthwashes and with other different dental flosses. The oral irrigator and the electronic toothbrush are that kind of home dental hygienic devices, which can increase the efficiency of home oral care on a multiple level.

But also beside the most conscientious dental care we can need dental treatments to deserve the health and integrity of our teeth.


  • fissure sealing
  • tartar-removal
  • drilling and tooth fillings
  • filling replacement
  • root canal treatment
  • teeth whitening

and even other numerous treatment can be necessary in order to preserve the chewing ability of our teeth in the long-term.

The full range of the treatments mentioned above is available in the Novodent’s clinics. Our colleagues are still working with the most advanced materials and they perform the intervention painless, compared to the possibilities.

During the treatments which belong to the range of periodontology we perform other type of preventive interventions. If for example because of the gingivitis or as a result of gingival atrophy a tooth is “moving”, namely the gum does not hold the certain tooth firmly in its place, then in most of the cases the tooth can be saved with special dental treatment. After the healing of the gum disease, in case of a prudent and timely started treatment, the situation of the tooth can be stabilized.

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The Novodent 99 LP offers all around dentistry services for its patients. We offer dental prosthesis and restorative dentistry, also smaller oral surgerical procedures are possible in our practices. 

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For several years Novodent 99 LP has been offering theoretical and practical trainings of dental assistants and dental clinical hygienists.

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In case you have have a lot to travel we would love to give you recommendations about staying in one of our apartments or in some high standard accommodations (hotels and pension hotels).

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